Airtable Extension

Generate/Populate/Merge documents from your Airtable records

Docupilot's Airtable extension allows you to create your Contracts, Sales/Purchase Orders, Invoices, Employment Offer Letters, Real Estate Agreements, Marketing material and many more professional documents in PDF, Word, Powerpoint, Excel and other formats.

Installation Guide

Step 1: Adding an extension to the base

In the Airtable base, click on the Extensions button present on the RHS. A dialogue box will be displayed. Now, click on the button Add an extension in the dialogue box.

Step 2: Search Docupilot in the Market place

Once the button Add an extension is clicked, a pop-up of Airtable Marketplace will be displayed on the screen. In the pop-up search for Docupilot and click on it.

Step 3: Selecting Docupilot as the extension

Once Docupilot is selected, the following will be displayed on the screen. Here click on Add extension. After doing so, a small pop-up will be displayed, click on Add extension button on the pop-up too.

Step4: Setting up the API key

After clicking on Add extension, a pop-up of Docupilot will be displayed consisting of instructions to set up an API key and secret. Follow the steps and set up the key and secret on Docupilot after which click on Get Started button on the pop-up.

Step 5: Linking Docupilot and Airtable

On the following page, paste the API key and secret into their corresponding slots and click on save.

Now the Docupilot extension is installed successfully onto the Airtable base.

Document Generation

Step 1: Record and Template selection

After the installation of the Airtable extension to the base, the first step towards document generation would be selecting the record(s) and the template.

Step 2: Field Mapping

Once the record and the template have been chosen, we can see that a few fields will be pre-mapped based on the field name and the token name.

The remaining fields need to be mapped manually.

Step 3: Document Generation

After all the fields are mapped, clicking on the Generate document button will start document generation and one document will be generated for each record selected.

For example, if 5 records are selected then 5 documents will be generated.

The generated document can either be saved into an attachment row in the Airtable base or can be delivered using the mode of delivery that is assigned to the template.

Once the mapping is done for a template inside a base, it will be saved and when a new record is selected, the mapping will be done automatically.

Automating Document Generation using Airtable Automations

To be able to automatically generate documents as part of your Airtable Automation setup, you can use the custom script generated by our Extension in "Run a Script" step.

To generate the code:

  1. Select a record from your Airtable base

  2. Select desired template from the Extension

  3. Configure attachment field if desired

  4. Map the fields

  5. Click on the "Generate Automation Code" ( < > ) button to generate the automation script

Use generated code in automations:

  1. Copy the generated script

  2. Paste it in your automation "Run a Script" step

  3. Add an input variable "recordURL" and map it to "Base Record URL"

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