One Drive

Save the generated documents in your OneDrive account.

To add a OneDrive delivery, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the 'Deliveries' tab located in the top panel.

  • From the list of delivery options, select OneDrive.

  • Enter a name for the delivery.

  • Select your desired OneDrive account. If no OneDrive account is linked, click the "+" button and follow the on-screen instructions to add your OneDrive account.

  • Enter the name of the folder where you would like the generated documents to be uploaded.

Advanced Settings:

If you like to get notified on delivery errors, or on successful execution of deliveries, configure advanced settings to take advantage of integrations. Following advanced integration options are available:

  • On Success Callback URL - Configure a Webhook URL which will be invoked with data containing the folder path to which the file was uploaded.

  • Emails to notify on delivery failure - Failed deliveries are typically notified to the workspace owner, workspace admins and workspace managers via email. You can configure additional email IDs here to receive notifications on delivery failures.

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