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SignNow is an award-winning e-signature solution known for its easy-to-use and comprehensive toolkit. Effortlessly sign documents using electronic signatures and make them legally binding in seconds!

To start with SignNow delivery, choose the SignNow option from the list of deliveries available in the Deliveries tab

SignNow Simple Text Tags (Anchor Tags) are specially formatted text that can be placed anywhere within the content of your document specifying the location, size, type of fields such as signature, text, initial fields.

1. To use text tags, you must add them to your document before uploading.

The full set looks like: \{{t:[s/i/t/d/c];r:[y/n];o:"Role";l:"date";w:width;l:length;v:"validator_id";}}

For example: Signature and Date field

Signature field: \{{t:s;r:y;o:"Signer1";}}

Date field: \{{t:t;r:y;o:"Signer1";l:"Date";}}

Adjusting the size of the SignNow fields is as simple as adjusting the text tag font size; a larger font results in a larger field and vice versa.

For example, the text tags being used for the ‘Date’ line are the following: \{{t (for the Type of field): t (for Text): r (for Required): y (for Yes): o (for Role): “Signer1”; l (for Label): “Date”;}}

The text tags being used on first the ‘Sign here’ line are the following: \{{t (for Type of field): s (for Signature); r (for Required): y (for Yes); o (for Role): “Signer1”;}}

The text tags being used on the second ‘Sign here’ line are the following: \{{t (for Type of field): s (for Signature); r (for Required): y (for Yes); o (for Role): “Signer2”;}}

The table below shows the most widely used text tags in SignNow along with the types of fields for which these text tags can be applied.


What does it mean?

Accepted format & values

When fields need this KEY?


TYPE of the field

s (for signature)

i (for initials)

t (for text)

d (for dropdown)

c (for checkboxes)

For every field



y (for required)

n (for optional)

For every field



" "

For every field




Only for Text and Drop down fields



"option1, option2, option2, ...."

Only for Drop down fields



" ".pdf"

File attachment



w (width)

For every field



h (height)

For every field



v (validator_id)

Only for Text field

Here is the full documentation from SignNow,

Note that the text tags defined by SignNow do not have a leading \, but it is required by Docupilot as the double-curly syntax of SignNow interferes with double-curly syntax supported by Docupilot. A leading \ before {{ tells Docupilot not to treat that as a Docupilot token.

Date format for signers

The default format for the date field is 'mm/dd/yyyy'. This can be edited as per requirement by appending a validator key at the end of the Date Text Tag.

Sample Text Tags for a specific date format:

FormatText Tags (with validator)

European Format (dd/mm/yyyy)


European Format (dd/mm/yy)


Time Only (HH:MM)


Written Format (MON DD, YYYY)


Written Format (DD-MON-YYYY)


Date and Time (MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS)


Optional Recipients

Enabling optional recipients in the SignNow delivery will skip invalid signers and carbon copy (cc) entries.

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