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Template Preferences

Once you have created your HTML template, or uploaded your fillable PDF or docx template, you can define output file attributes under the Preferences tab.
The various preferences available to you are listed below.
The title of the template you have created.
The description of the template.
The folder under which you want to put your template.
Output File Name
The file name of the merged document. This can take in merge fields
Output Type
The output type. Supported output type for Document builder templates is PDF, for docx template is docx, and PDF, and Fillable PDFs is PDF
Page Size
The page size of the output document. You can choose between A4/Letter/Legal/A3/A5/Tabloid for your Document builder templates, where as the page size for docx and Fillable PDFs remain fixed .
The orientation of the output document. You can choose between Potrait and Landscape for your HTML templates.
Time Zone
The chosen time zone will be used to fill the {{_date}} and the {{_datetime}} merge field, if used anywhere.
Template Status
This can be either Active or Test.
Headers and Footers
Inserts header/ footer in to the document generated from the template.
Page Margins
Sets left, top, right and bottom margins in inches for each page in the template.(Default page margins are set to 0.4 inches on all sides.)

Password Protection for PDF

If the output document type is PDF, you can set the password for the generated pdf in template Preferences -> More options -> Password. You can set a dynamic password for your created PDF using Tokens (Merge fields).

Template Status - Active VS Test

If the template is in Test status, it will not be counted as created documents towards your monthly subscription. In Test mode, the created documents will have a Docupilot Watermark. Once you have tested your templates and your integration completely, you can change your template status to Active.

Headers and Footers

Header and Footer for a document can be inserted in a Document Builder (HTML) template by visiting Preferences -> More options -> Header or Footer.

Page numbers and Total number of pages

You can print page numbers and total number of pages in a document template using predefined tokens {{_page_no}} and {{_total_pages}}.
Prints the page numbers.
Prints the total number of pages in the document.
Note : Headers and footers of a document are dependent on page margins of the template. Greater the sizes of margins, more information can be printed as header and footer of the document.