Template Preferences

Once you have created your HTML template, or uploaded your fillable PDF/PPTX/DOCX template, you can customise how the document generation should work for that template under Preferences tab.

Updating basic settings



Template name for your reference within Docupilot Dashboard.


Template description to help idenitify what this template is used for.

Output file name

The file name of the generated document. Dynamic tokens can be configured here to create more personalised name for your Document.

Example: Proposal for {{company}}


The folder under which you want to put your template.

Template status

Activate template or Keep template in Test mode

Template Status - Active VS Test:

A button to toggle template status is also present in the upper right corner of Template details page. Use this button to switch the template status to "Active" or "Test"

If the template is in "Test" mode, your generated document will have a watermark saying "This document is created using Docupilot" and your document credits will not be consumed. Once you have tested your templates and your integration completely, you can change your template status to Active.

Output Preferences:


Output Type

The output type of generated document.

Supported output types: For "Document Builder" templates PDF, HTML and PNG For "DOCX" templates DOCX, and PDF

For "PPTX" templates PPTX, and PDF

and for Fillable PDFs only PDF output is supported.

Page Size

The page size of the output document. You can choose between A4/Letter/Legal/A3/A5/Tabloid for your Document builder templates. Page Size settings are not applicable for other template types (output page size for will be same as template page size)

Render Mode

. You can select between the "For viewing on screen" and " For printing" options for your HTML templates.


The orientation of the output document. You can choose between Portrait and Landscape for your HTML templates. Orientation settings are not applicable for other template types.

Time Zone

The time zone to be used for the reserved tokens {{_date}} and {{_datetime}}

Advanced Settings:

Auto Number:

Auto Number ({{_auto_number}}) displays a unique number across each generated document. Enable it and define a starting number and with each new document generation, that number will be automatically incremented. To learn more about the Auto number feature here.


If the output document type is PDF, you can set the password for the generated pdf in template.You can set a dynamic password for your created PDF using Tokens.

For example: {{abbreviate customer_name}}{{format_date agreement_date format="DDMM"}} can be used to create a dynamic password. If your customer name is "Acme Corp Limited" and agreement date is "2024 January, 15", the password will be "ACL1501"

Page Margins (inches):

Docupilot allows you to adjust the size of the top, bottom, left, right page margins in inches for each page in the template. Default page margins are set to 0.4 inches on all sides.

In this section, Header and Footer for a document can be inserted in a Document Builder (HTML) template.

Page number and Total number of pages:

You can print Page numbers and Total number of pages in a document template using predefined tokens {{_page_no}} and {{_total_pages}}.



prints the current page number in generated document.


Prints the total number of pages in generated document.

Inserting {{_page_no}}/{{_total_pages}} in header or footer will print 1/12 on page 1, 2/12 on page 2, and so on on each page for a generated document that contains 12 pages.

Note : Headers and footers of a document are dependent on page margins of the template. Greater the sizes of margins, more information can be printed as header and footer of the document.

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