Send generated documents automatically for Signing.

YouSign is an electronic signature solution that allows individuals and businesses to securely sign documents online, eliminating the need for physical signatures.

To create a Yousign delivery, select Yousign option from the list of available deliveries within the Deliveries section.

To integrate your Yousign account with Docupilot, you'll require an API key from your Yousign account. You can generate a new API key by visiting this link:

Adding a Yousign account

Docupilot supports enabling the optional signers to skip invalid signer, approver and follower entries.

Yousign supports the following types of fields :

  • Signature Field

  • Mention Field (Date Field)

  • Text Field (Text Input)

  • Checkbox Field

  • Radio Button Field

Smart Anchors:

Yousign places the signing fields on the document at locations where smart anchor tags are inserted. Read below to learn more about how to insert various types of fields in your Docupilot template.

The text anchor's will appear in the generated document as original text. To make the anchors invisible in the final document, anchor text match with the background colour.

Signature Field:

Syntax: \{{signer_index|signature|width|height}}

Example: \{{s1|signature|85|37}}

Read more about the Yousign Signature field here.

Mention Field (Date Field):

Syntax: \{{signer_index|mention|mention_content}}

Example: \{{s1|mention|Read and approved on the %date%}}

Read more about Yousign the Mention field here.

Text Field (Text Input):


Example: \{{s1|text|150|100|165|text field with specific width and height?|Important for us|t}}

Read more about the Yousign Text field here.

CheckBox Field:

Syntax: \{{signer_index|checkbox|size|optional|checked|name}}

Example: \{{s1|checkbox|24|t|f|Checkbox1}}

Deprecated pattern: \{{signer_index|checkbox|optional|checked|name}}

Read more about the Yousign Checkbox field here.

Radio Button Field:


Example: \{{s1|radio|28|group_name_1|t}}

Read more about the Yousign Radio button field here.

Smart Anchors:

To maintain performance, Smart Anchors.

  • 150 pages.

  • 50 Mb

  • Multiline anchors are not supported.

  • If an anchor refers to a non-existing Signer position the field will not be created.

If document has more than 50 pages, error will be but the Smart Anchors won't be parsed.

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