Fillable PDF

With Docupilot, you can automate a fillable PDF document. Docupilot attempts to use field names and other properties from the underlying PDF field to create the token. You'll need to use a PDF editing software program like Nitro Pro and Adobe, PDFescape to create a fillable PDF.

Checkbox, Radio fields in the PDF has an "On" value or an "Export" value. When the value that you are passing matches this "On" value, the checkbox will be checked.

the Export value for a checkbox is limited to 125 characters

Uploading Fillable PDF to Docupilot

Once you have the PDF created, you can upload it to Docupilot and the fields are recognized automatically. If you need to make any changes, make the changes in your PDF editor, then upload the PDF to Docupilot.

Editing a Fillable PDF

Fillable PDFs templates can be edited and customised using a paid version of Adobe Acrobat or some free tools like PDFEscape, etc.

Note that the 3rd party tools mentioned here are merely a suggestion. We strongly advise you to choose the tools after thoroughly reading relevant legal documentation of how these tools use/manage your data.

Flatten PDF

By default the fillable fields are removed in the generated PDF. You can preserve the generated PDF as a fillable PDF itself. You can goto the templates preferences section and uncheck the flatten pdf option as shown in the image below.

Embed Images/Signature images

You can goto template preferences -> More options -> under insert dynamic images you can enter the width, height, and location of the image in the PDF. You need to pass a image url for the token fields to insert the image in the PDF.

The image URL need to be publicly accessible so we can download and insert it in the document.

Editing a PDF Document

To edit fillable PDF templates, consider using software like Adobe Acrobat. This allows you to modify text, insert signature fields (e.g., \s1\), or add new fillable fields. For a no-cost alternative, PDFEscape is a viable option for making changes to PDF templates.

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