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DocuSign Configuration
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Place Automatic Anchor Text in a Document

Automatic anchor text is a feature that allows text to be used in documents as a placeholder for signature, initial and other tags for a particular signer.
When creating or editing a document, type the automatic anchor text in the appropriate location in the document.
  • After typing the anchor text, change the color of the anchor text to white or to the background color of the document. This way, the anchor text does not appear when the document is viewed, making the anchor text invisible to the recipients of the document.
  • In the following example, anchor text is added to place an initial, signature, name, title, and date signed tags.The text has been highlighted so it can be viewed.
The following table shows the default automatic anchor text used for different DocuSign fields (formerly tags). This is the text typed in documents as a placeholder when creating and saving the documents.
Field Type
Date Signed
\attachment1\ \attachment1_2\ \attachment1_3\
\attachment2\ \attachment2_2\ \attachment2_3\
Attachment Required
\attachment1_req\ \attachment1_2_req\ \attachment1_3_req\
\attachment2_req\ \attachment2_2_req\ \attachment2_3_req\
Text Box
\tbx_1_text\ \tbx_1_2_text\ \tbx_1_3_text\
\tbx_2_text\ \tbx_2_2_text\ \tbx_2_3_text\
Text Box required
\tbx_1_text_req\ \tbx_1_2_text_req\ \tbx_1_3_text_req\
\tbx_2_text_req\ \tbx_2_2_text_req\ \tbx_2_3_text_req\
IMPORTANT: You MUST NOT use the automatic anchor text in ANY other location in the document, unless you want DocuSign to add the fields (formerly tags) in that text location.
Note: While using tags, please not to leave a space after the tag if it is at the end of the line. Backslash at the end of the tags interfere with the token in the next line leading to nullification the token as plain text.
We will be supporting more field types in the next release.

Optional Recipients

Enabling optional recipients in the DocuSign delivery will skip invalid recipient entries.
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