Getting Started

What is a Document Template?

A Document template is a preformatted and/or pre written document containing placeholders, that can be replaced with your own content so as to quickly create a personalised document.

Why you should create Templates

Creating and sending documents becomes much easier when you’re not starting from scratch. Build reusable templates with Docupilot to increase your productivity and create consistency across all of your documents.

What is so great about templates?

  • Automation - Auto-populate data from your CRM, Forms, Online database, etc, and automate your document generation workflow.

  • Consistency - Helps you to keep your branding consistent, no more different formatting, different fonts, etc.

  • Accuracy - Help you eliminate human errors like including wrong client name, etc.

  • Efficiency - Automate tedious document creation. Save an hour per document and use that time to work on your business growth.

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