Building Templates

Getting Started

To create a new template, click on the Create a new Template button on your dashboard.

Supported Document types

You can choose any of the following document types for your document template.

  • PDF Document Builder

  • Word Document (DOCX)

  • PowerPoint (PPTX)

  • Excel Document(XLSX)

  • Fillable PDF

Choose a document type you want to create and , enter your template's name and description and click on Create a new Template, you will be redirected to the template's content view.

Organizing Templates With Folders

You can organize your templates under folders so as to maintain them uncluttered. Docupilot lets you organize all your templates by categorizing them into customized folders of your choice.

Adding Templates inside a particular Folder

  • In the templates tab, click on the + button in the folders section.

  • Type your desired folder name in the dialog and click on the save button.

  • The folder is auto selected so you can start adding your templates, the templates will be added to that folder.

  • Navigate to this folder to find the templates created inside this older.

You can create a template inside a specific folder or Home folder. You can move them to a folder of your choice by going to Template Preferences and selecting the desired folder from the list.

If you delete a folder, templates inside that folder will be moved automatically to the Home folder.

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