Data Capture Form

Generate Documents using Data Capture Form

Once you have tried and tested your document, you can finally start merging!

There are various options to do a merge. One of them is to fill a form with all the merge fields, similar to the test document phase.

To get ahead with creating documents, follow the steps listed below :

  • Select the Create Document button on the LHS panel to find the Create Document view.

  • Select the Data Capture Form button and route to the link mentioned under the heading Generate document by filling form as indicated in the image below.

  • You will be routed to a form, similar to the one you filled out to generate your test document. Once you fill out the form, and click on submit button, your personalized document will be delivered to all your configured deliveries. If no deliveries are configured, the document will be downloaded if merged successfully.

If you want to download the created document along with triggering deliveries you append a download=true parameter in the URL.

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