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Xodo sign (formerly Eversign)

Send generated documents automatically for Signing.
Xodo sign (formerly Eversign) is all about boosting your business workflow and efficiency, and getting day-to-day tasks like scanning, printing and manually signing out of the way.
Xodo Sign (formerly Eversign) delivery configration

Hidden Tags

Hidden Tags is a feature that allows text to be used in documents as a placeholder for signature, initial and other tags for a particular signer.


A hidden tag is a text element wrapped in square brackets [ ] containing a series of options in a specific order, all divided by | symbols. You can specify a total of 9 options, such as field type, signer ID, required/non-required, field label, field identifier, and more.
Only the first three options are mandatory! Signer1
[sig|req|signer1] Full Name [text|req|signer1] Date [date|req|signer1] --------------------------------------------------------------- Signer 2 [sig|req|signer2] Full Name [text|req|signer2] Date [date|req|signer2]
White-on-White: Since hidden tags should in fact be hidden on your document, they should be added in same color as the background of your document. In most cases, this is white-on-white.
Example: Here's a hidden tag using all available options:
[text|req|signer1|Name|name_1|Paul McSign|125|50|letters_only]
In the example above we are creating a required 125x50px text field, prefilled with the value "Paul McSign", with "letters_only" field validation enabled. Additionally, the field label is set to "Name" and the field identifier is set to "name_1".
Options: Below you will find all 9 available options explained:
Field Type
Enter your preferred field type. [Example: sig for Signature]
Required / Non-Required
Enter req for required or nonreq for a non-required field.
Signer Number
Enter signerX with X being the number/ID of the signer this field is for. [Example: signer1]
Field Label
Enter your field label. This will be displayed as the placeholder for text fields. [Example: Name]
Field Identifier
Enter your field identifier. [Example: signature_2]
Prefill Field Value
Enter a value to prefill your field with. Different field types come with different prefill options
Field Width Override
By default, your field will come with the same width as your hidden tag. You can override this width by entering a pixel width here. [Example: 125]
Field Height Override
By default, your field will come with the same height as your hidden tag. You can override this height by entering a pixel height here. [Example: 50]
Field Validation
Enter your preferred field validation type, if any.

Field Types

The following field types can be created using hidden tags. "Prefill Value" refers to the type of value your field can be prefilled with.
Field Type
Prefill Value
Signature field
Initials field
Text field
Date Signed field
Checkbox field
0 for un-checked and 1 for checked

Field Validation

There are 3 types of field validation that can be enabled:
  • letters_only Requires the given field value to contain letters only.
  • numbers_only: Requires the given field value to contain numbers only.
  • email_address: Requires the given field value to be a syntactically valid email address.
Skipping Options: In order to skip an option, simply leave it empty without making any changes to the order of other options. A field with a field identifier but without a field label would look like below. [text|req|signer1||name_1|...]

Optional Recipients & Signers

Enabling optional recipients in the Xodo sign delivery will skip invalid signers and carbon copy (cc) entries.
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