Send generated documents automatically for Signing.

Signable is a cloud-based electronic signature solution which enables a user(s) to send out documents electronically to be signed by one or more signers.

Signable Tags

Signable Tags is a feature that allows text to be used in documents as a placeholder for Signature, Date, Text, Upload and Checkbox. These tags will then be replaced with the relevant field.

One thing to remember when adding Tags to your template is to keep them on one line to ensure the Tag is retained. For example: {signature:signer1:Please+Sign+Here}

A tag has the following structure: {WHAT:WHO:MESSAGE}

Tags also do not support the use of characters other than A-Z, a-z, 0-9 E.g. “my+tag+name+/+label” is not valid.

Tags are Case-Sensitive.

Types of Signable Tags

Signable supports the following types of fields

  • Signature

  • Date

  • Text

  • Document Upload

  • Checkbox


Syntax: {signature:who:message}

Example: 1. {signature:signer1:please+sign+here} 2. {signature:signer2:please+sign+here} 3. {signature:signer3:please+sign+here}


Syntax: {date:who:message}

Example: 1. {signature:signer1:select+date+here} 2. {signature:signer2:enter+date+here} 3. {signature:signer3:select+date+here}


Syntax: {text:who:message}

Example: 1. {text:signer1:enter+name} 2. {text:signer2:enter+address+here} 3. {text:signer3:enter+phone+number+here}

Document Upload

Syntax: {upload:who:message}

Example: 1. {upload:signer1:upload+file+here} 2. {upload:signer2:upload+document+here} 3. {upload:signer3:upload+here}


Syntax: {check:who:message}

Example: 1. {check:signer1:please+tick+if+appropriate} 2. {check:signer2:please+tick} 3. {check:signer3:please+tick+appropriate}

Optional Tags

A signable tag can be made optional by inserting a "?" after the first part of the tag.


  • {text?:signer1:enter+name+here}

  • {check?:signer2:Please+tick}

  • {date?:signer3:select+date}

Adjusting the height and width of the tag

By default, the size of a tag is fixed to 10x100. This can be changed by mentioning the width and/or height of the tag while entering the tag.


  • {text,w20,h30:signer1:enter+name+here}

  • {check,w30:signer2:Please+tick}

  • {signature,h40:signer3:sign+here}

When providing both width and height for the tag, they shall be mentioned in the order of width and height only and not as height and width. Correct syntax: {text,w20,h40:signer2:enter+age} Wrong syntax: {text,h40,w20:signer2:enter+age}

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