Manage & delete users

Change a user's role or delete users within a workspace

Updating User roles

To modify a user's role, navigate to Settings > Users section. Find the user whose role needs to be changed in the list of users and select a new role for that user in the role dropdown.

When updating user roles within your workspace, it's important to understand who has the capability to make changes.

  • The Owner has full control and can change role of all users other then self

  • An Admin can perform following changes

    • Admin -> Manager

    • Admin -> Member

    • Manager -> Member

    • Member -> Manager

    • Member -> Admin

    • Manager -> Admin

  • A Manager has the capability to perform following changes:

    • Manager -> Member

    • Member -> Manager

  • A Member and Billing Manager has no control on user role assignments

Deleting a user

To remove a user from your workspace, navigate to the “User Management” section, select the desired user, and click on the Delete option.

Note that only the Owner can perform this action, and once deleted, it cannot be undone or recovered.

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