API Overview


Docupilot API allows you to perform most of the operations that you do with our web application. Our APIs are designed based on HTTP REST Architectural pattern and follow OpenAPI Specification.

Interactive documentation of Docupilot's V2 APIs is available at https://dashboard.docupilot.app/api-docs/swagger-ui/

V2 API Authentication

APIs can be accessed using a combination of API Key and Secret created from your API Settings section.

  1. Go to Settings > API Settings to create a new API key.

  2. Copy the Key & Secret - download the copy if needed. The secret cannot be retrieved again.

  3. base64 encoded value of key:secret will be your API key

Use the following command to base64 encode your key:secret

// create the base64 encoded string

Use the following curl command to make an API request using the base64 encoded string generated from previous step.

// making an API request
curl -X GET \
  https://api.docupilot.app/accounts/v2/users/me/ \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer <Base64 encoded API credentials>'

X-Workspace Header

The X-Workspace header is required to be sent for all the APIs that interact with your Workspace (ex: Templates, etc). This header holds the ID of your workspace for which the request is being made.

You can find your workspace ID in the URL (new UI (Beta)). In the example below 5d00aa1b is the workspace ID

V1 API Introduction (Deprecated)

Deprecation notice of V1 APIs❗️

The V1 version of APIs are deprecated and new version, v2, APIs are launched with support for more features. V1 APIs will be deprecated in future and are discouraged from being used.


All V1 APIs need to be authenticated using an API Key.

You can generate your API Key here https://dashboard.docupilot.app/settings/api. You will need to add an apikey header while making an API request.

curl -X GET \
  https://api.docupilot.app/api/v1/templates \
  -H 'apikey: YOUR_API_KEY'

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