Invite users

Invite users to collaborate within your Docupilot workspace.

The Owner/Admin/Manager of the workspace can invite new users. To create an invitation:

  1. Click the Invite user button.

  2. Enter the Email address and assign one of the roles: Admin, Manager, Billing Manager, or Member. See below for explanation about each Role and its Privileges it has.

Pending Invite

Under "Pending Invitations," all outstanding invites will be visible. Each invite will automatically expire after three days.

Resend Invite

To resend an invitation, navigate to the "Pending Invitations" section, then click on the specific invitation you wish to resend.

Accepting an Invite

As soon as an invitation is sent out, invitee will receive an email invitaion with a link to join the workspace. Upon visiting the link, user will be asked to create a new Docupilot account or log-in to existing Docupilot account.

Upon successfully logging in to the account, click on Join workspace button.

Note: The email address on invitee's Docupilot account should be same as the email to which invitation was sent. Invitation cannot be accepted by a user with different email address.

For example, an invite sent to cannot be accepted from a Docupilot account with email

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