Store the generated documents to your Dropbox Account

To start with a Dropbox delivery, choose the Dropbox option from the list of deliveries available in the Configure new Delivery view.


Configuring delivery Folder: Configure folder path to which the generated files needs to be uploaded. The folder path can be dynamic. For example, to upload customer contracts under a folder that is named against the customer's name, you can configure Folder as Contracts/{{CustomerName}}

Now when a contract is generated for customer with name AcmeCorp, it will be generated and uploaded to Contracts/AcmeCorp

Handling file name conflicts: Docupilot offers flexibility by giving an option to choose from various delivery modes for generated documents. You could choose between the following options:

  • Create new file: Allows you to upload the generated document as a new file in the selected Dropbox folder, ensuring no existing files are modified or replaced. For example, if a file with name AcmeCorpContract.pdf already exists in the destination folder and the generated document also has the same name, it may be uploaded as AcmeCorpContract(1).pdf

  • Overwrite: Generated document replaces an existing file with the same name in the Dropbox folder. The older file that was replaced may be available under previous versions.

  • Do not deliver: Can be used if the file name conflict should not be resolved. The delivery will be marked as failed in such scenario.

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